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Hello world! Bad first day though!

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First day and first blog of my experience, although bad day for my normal life. PC of my workplace is fucked up since 2 hours ago and I haven’t got a clue yet. “How can you type?” You ask. “In Windows XP safe mode with networking.” I will answer. And thank Microsoft for giving me this pretty quite oppotunity to write up first post, while waiting for company technician. Great!

Blue Screen of Death, that was what I got with my desktop, which has been working well since 2 years ago when allocated to me. First thing came to my mind is that VirtualBox I installed yesterday. After BSOD, normal mode doesn’t work any more. It stays in black after Windows loading progress bar disappears. I went to safe mode, trying to uninstall the app but I couldn’t. Because Windows Installer service was not started. So I went to service configuration tool and tried to start it. It complained, can’t start the service in Safe Mode. That is great. After googling, I got a classic Registry solution:

Add key:


with default name and value = “Service”

Now start Installer service. It works! Now I can uninstall VirtualBox. It is close to the end, I thought. But, no luck still.

That is why I am sitting here writing my first post.

Good luck to you all!


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16/09/2010 at 23:39

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