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Extraordinary Achievement by Michael Phelps May Be Due to Arsenic in His DNA

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The physical and physiological limitations of human athleticism are of great interest for both scientific and sociological reasons. An efficient method to test such limitations is having human participants compete in sports such as those included in the Olympic Game. Recently American swimmer Michael Phelps showed extraordinary athleticism in the Olympic Game, winning over 20 medals among which 16 are gold. This greatness has never been achieved before and therefore is highly likely due to factors other than training, which all previous athletes have undergone. This seemingly impossible achievement is reminiscent of the robust growth of the recently discovered bacteria GFAJ-1 in arsenic-rich media. Since the existence of arsenic in the DNA of GFAJ-1 has not been conclusively disproved, it is reasonable to assume, or at least to suspect, that the DNA of GFAJ-1 contains arsenic. Similarly, we propose that part of the DNA of Michael Phelps consists of arsenic, and that this element strongly contributed to his success. Although our theory has no evidence, it can nevertheless be ruled out. Our finding illustrates an exciting opportunity to enhance the athleticism among humans, although safety and ethic issues should be fully addressed prior to its worldwide application.

I hereby show my finger to the disgusting Nature magazine and all other defaming western media.

Shame On You Nature


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03/08/2012 at 20:03

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