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A brief note on object mortality

Joe Duffy

Author explains “premortem finalization” .Net uses and its disadvantages comparing to “postmortem finalization”. Although .Net doesn’t provide way to use postmortem finalization, things we can learn is that keep finalizable class simple.

Sayonara volatile

Joe Duffy

Volatile is evil

Anatomy of a Stack Smashing Attack and How GCC Prevents It

Oliver Mueller

Latest good article explaning how stack overflow attach works and modern C++ compilers’ detection mechanism.

Scope Regions in C++

Dan Saks

This is a very good and clear article about C++ scope and linkage for beginners. Sometimes it is not bad for experienced C++ programmers to go back and briefly review these concepts. The other parts of this series are posted here:
Linkage in C and C++
Storage class specifiers and storage duration


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23/06/2012 at 16:42

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