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Web Development – Study Notes – Set it up

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Set up a fairly helpful environment

I want to start learning web programming. As a system programmer, I once pretended web development is another world I don’t need to know about. This becomes more and more difficult. I finally make my decision to move into this strange territory.

I am a bit thorough (you can say perfectionist), so I would like to make a friendly and clean environment for my learning and development. I choose to:

  • Create virtual development machine using VirtualBox (currently version 3.2.8).
  • Install Visual Studio 2010 on it.

I don’t want to buy web hosting service because it is not cheap, and it doesn’t make sense to pay for a up-and-running environment when you want to learn from scratch. And I don’t like the feeling that some details are hidden from me (perfectionist you remember?). I choose to:

  • Set up another dedicated virtual web server using Windows Server 2008 R2.
  • Use IIS7.5 to host website.
  • Use ASP.NET 4

After I created a small web project in VS2010, I realized I need some way to deploy it to the web server for testing. It is sweet that VS2010 has this feature. But before deployment, I need to enable FTP Publishing for my website in IIS Configuration.

Because of my choice of hosting website at home, which means dynamic IP, I have to resolve imminent problem – Dynamic DNS Mapping, that is to have a fixed domain name mapping to my consistently changing IP. My vote goes to this time, who provides free dynamic DNS service. Later if I own my private domain name I can even let it use that one.


Written by Ying

27/09/2010 at 16:50

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