Question about .NET GC

A question at StackOverflow site:

I have had similar question about GC and raised it in this thread:

quoted below:

Here is another great article about GC may occur at unexpected point of code execution:

Lifetime, GC.KeepAlive, handle recycling – by cbrumme

My question is how can I reproduce forced GC at the point mentioned in the article? I tried to put GC.Collect() at beginning of OperateOnHandle(), and defined destructor for class C but seems not working. Destructor is invoked always at end of program.

After others’ help now I can reproduce this behavior. Refer to the question I raised above for update and code I put there. The article written by cbrumme is based on .NET 1.0 and Microsoft has provided elegant solution from .NET 2.0 onwards, that is SafeHandle. Excuse my ignorance.


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